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Featured in Automotive News: Modernizing Warranty Processing

If you were to look around your dealership, where would you say most of the modernization has occurred in the last 3 to 5 years? Digital marketing? Most definitely. Online sales capability? 100%. Financing? Of course. Inventory management? Probably that, too. Warranty claims processing? Um, that’s a hard no.

Some of you might be thinking claims processing is not a priority and therefore not worth the investment of money or time. But that’s one of the biggest mistakes dealerships can make. Did you know that warranty claims processing represents the biggest ROI opportunity for sales, service and staffing efficiency?

In a recent Automotive News op-ed from WarrCloud founder and CEO Jim Roche, the area of warranty claims processing comes out of the shadows. Check out the op-ed here and learn how to level up your service department before the next wave of recalls.