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We Rewrote The Playbook "I always knew that if I got the right system and the right opportunity, I would be successful. Right now, Dealers have the right opportunity, and WarrCloud has the right system for you to be successful." Get Started arrow_right_alt Legendary quarterback Kurt Warner knows all about winning. That’s why he’s proud to support WarrCloud: winner of the 2024 Automotive News PACEpilot Award, which recognizes tech innovations in the automotive ecosystem. - Kurt Warner - Legendary Quarterback Explore your path below Make Every
Warranty Claim
With our revolutionary warranty automation technology, dealerships can increase revenue by 12% while decreasing warranty processing costs by 60%. Get A FREE Analysis arrow_right_alt Explore your path below

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Reduce My Warranty Claims Processing Expense

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Increase Warranty Revenue

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Improve My Cashflow

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Improve My OEM Scores

WarrCloud Gets Rid of Processing Risk

WarrCloud completely automates your warranty processing, reduces costs, improves gross profits, and frees up your employees to focus on customer satisfaction.

End-to-End Warranty Claims Management


RO Closure and Technician Payments

dms icons

DMS Integration
and Updates

oem payment

OEM Payment Confirmation


Reduced Costs with Improved Results

How WarrCloud Is Changing The Game

WarrCloud is the automotive industry’s first – and only – automatic warranty processing solution.  Our game-changing technology and service solution automates warranty claims for automotive dealerships and OEMs. WarrCloud A.I. powered technology helps to simplify warranty coverage, claims, and processing.

Claims Processing With WarrCloud

Fully Automated Claims Processed in 28 Seconds

System Automatically Updates with Current OEM Changes Ensuring Compliance

WarrCloud Sweeps The Corners & Gets Every Tenth Increasing Revenue by 12%

All Claims Processed Within 24 Hours

WarrCloud's Built in Tool Provides a Full View of Claim Status So You Know When Your Claim is Paid

Current State Of Claims Processing


Highly Time Consuming Manual Paperwork Process


Higher Potential of OEM Audits Due To Poor Metrics


Errors in Warranty Claim Processing Reduces Service Department Profits


Disruption in Claims Processing Due to Employee Absence Contributes to Overall Service Department Dissatisfaction


No Insight Into Ongoing Claim Status or Funds Release Making Monthly Forecasting Difficult.

WarrCloud By The Numbers


Increase in Warranty Billings


Reduction in Warranty Claim Expenses


More Time for Customer Service

Processed Warranty Claims

WarrCloud Is Revolutionizing The Automotive Industry

WarrCloud is driving the future of warranty processing, shaping how the industry views and is adopting the new automation standard in warranty processing.

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