“Reduce My Warranty Claims Processing Expense”

Claims Processing is Unnecessarily Expensive

Right now, people do all of your claims processing. Warranty admins are expensive, get more expensive every year and are inefficient because they’re doing everything manually. On average, the cost of manual claims processing consumes 12% of the gross profit from your warranty revenue.

Automated warranty claim processing that reduces your expenses

Instead of warranty administrators spending precious time on paper coming, going, and piling up, the WarrCloud software extracts relevant repair orders from the dealership management system and puts bots to work, creating a much more efficient and profitable warranty claim process.

Automatic Processing

from identifying the claim to transferring it to the OEM to get you paid faster.

Less Human Error

throughout the entire process saves time and money.

Lower Processing Costs

so dealers have more warranty-work gross profit.

Reduced Expenses Through Partnerships

with DMS companies, dealer associations and others in the warranty ecosystem.

WarrCloud is the future of warranty processing – it reduces our claims expense and frees up our people to focus on the customer. We have it in most of our stores – highly recommended.

Justin Pomeroy, Foundation Auto Group

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