WarrCloud is a Game Changer

Simply put, WarrCloud is a technology and service solution that will absolutely transform automotive warranty processing to enhance the primary driver of your dealership’s gross profit: the Service Department.

The Benefits of WarrCloud

Improve Gross Profit

Dramatically improve your gross profit.

Warranty processing is an increasingly important part of your dealership revenue. Lower your costs associated with it by taking advantage of WarrCloud’s automatic warranty processing technology.

Say Goodbye To Costly Errors.

Are you getting every tenth for admin fees, add times, loaners, floorplan and hundreds of other allowances? You will with WarrCloud, because sweeping every corner becomes automatic and risk-free.

Pricy Errors
Save time

Save Time Every Single Day

Automatic end-to-end warranty claims management means you’re getting productive time back in your workday. Spend it focusing on the customer experience, which drives higher customer satisfaction and improved retention.

How WarrCloud Works For You

From fully automated recalls to manual claims, WarrCloud can process claims up to 5x faster and reduce your warranty processing costs.

Load DMS

Extracts RO from DMS, Scans VIN and Uses AI to Process Claims

WarrCloud contains detailed vehicle and labor time data to ensure every claim is processed fully. We sweep the corners, find hidden tenths and ensure all allowable money is collected.
Apploes add times

Applies Add Times Automatically

It’s impossible for a human to remember every recall update. Our system knows them all and applies correct admin allowances which drives an increase in warranty totals and faster submissions so you always collect every dollar.
aadditional documents

Additional Documentation is Easily Uploaded

For claims needing more information, you don’t have to sort through piles of paperwork to find what you need. Just snap a pic through the WarrCloud app, and it goes straight to WarrCloud for submission to OEM.

Auto submit

Automatically Submits Your Claims

Errors are eliminated, costs are reduced, and reimbursements are maximized, all in no time at all. That’s the power of WarrCloud and it can completely change your warranty processing for the better.

Bring the Benefits to Your Dealership

Talk to a representative about how we can put WarrCloud to work for your business.