“Improve my Cashflow”


Manual Processing Means Less Cash on Hand

Today, your warranty claims processing method takes weeks (or even months) to get your reimbursement. And with 12% of your warranty gross being consumed by the cost of manually processing claims, you’re losing a big profit opportunity.

Automated Warranty Claims Processing Optimizes Your Cash Flow

WarrCloud completely automates the entire process, from identifying the claim to transferring it to the OEM, so you get paid in days instead of months. It also allows employees to spend more time with customers and with customers, improves loyalty, and keeps them coming back for service.

Claims Processed in 24 Hours Icon

Claims Processed In 24 Hours

so cashflow is optimized.

Less Human Error

Reduced Human Error On Claims Submissions

means you get your reimbursement faster.


Lower Processing Costs

means improved profitability.

Better Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Better Customer Satisfaction

because service personnel have more time to focus on the customer, which means more retention and profit.

WarrCloud delivers faster, better, and at lower cost by modernizing one of the few areas of automotive not yet touched by automation. Someday, all warranties will be processed this way.
Julian Dragos, Fred Beans Dealer Group

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