A Q&A With Our Founder and CEO Jim Roche

It never fails: when you bring up the subject of warranty claims processing with dealers you usually get one of two reactions: 1) eyes glaze over, or 2) assumption that the only way to manage it is the way it’s been done for years.

Once they hear that warranty costs – which are one of two critical revenue streams in the Service department – have risen at 4-5x the rate of customer-pay services between 2015-2019 and are forecasted to increase by 27% by 2025, the eyes come into focus and the ears perk up. There are several reasons for the increase and equally more reasons why the warranty claims processing process hasn’t been digitized like the rest of the dealership’s operations – until now.

In full disclosure, our team at WarrCloud noticed that warranty processing was stuck in the Dark Ages of manually pushing paperwork and thought “we can fix this”. Turns out there was a reason it hadn’t been modernized. Warranty claims are complex – in fact, insanely, deeply complex – and our Bob the Builder approach (“Can you fix it?” “YES WE CAN!”) was not as swift as we anticipated. But that only reinforced the notion that we were on the right path toward solving one of the biggest and most overlooked areas of Service operations. We’ve spent the last five years hammering away at this in order to bring WarrCloud’s software solution and our expert services to dealerships.

Our CEO Jim Roche met with Steve Finlay at Wards Auto recently and they spoke about the road to WarrCloud and why dealers need to get in front of the claims management process before it overwhelms their Service department.

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