Electrification: Four Key Fixed Ops Implications for DealersAutoSuccess Online WarrCloud Study Poises Dealerships for the Future

“The rise of EVs translates to a surge in demand for repairs and maintenance within dealership service departments. A global study revealed that EV repair costs are on average 29% higher than ICE repair costs, and EV parts costs are 48% higher on average. As EV ownership expands, warranties will play an increasingly pivotal role in dealership streams. Dealerships not only need to prepare to manage the influx of EV repairs, but also prioritize operational excellence within their service departments.  In fixed ops particularly, dealerships can position themselves for success by proactively addressing the evolving needs of the customer. From optimizing service department operations to leveraging warranties for customer retention, dealerships that embrace electrification and lean into these changes will have an opportunity for innovation, growth and sustained success.

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