WarrCloud Joins Missouri Automobile Dealers Association and St. Louis Auto Dealers Association

St. Louis, MO, January 24, 2024WarrCloud, the industry leading automated warranty processing provider for automotive dealers, today announced it joined the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association (MADA) and St. Louis Auto Dealers Association (SLADA).


“The warranty claims process for dealers requires a mountain of paperwork and is subject to human error in many steps of the process,” said Jim Roche, Founder and CEO of WarrCloud. “We’re proud to partner with MADA and St. Louis Auto Dealers Association to bring this technology to more dealers.”


OEM warranty processing is an increasingly important part of an automotive dealer’s overall fixed operations business, but today’s manual processing method can deplete up to 15 percent of the gross profit associated with warranty revenue due to the timing consuming process and human error. WarrCloud increases warranty revenue by identifying all line items a dealer is entitled to, reducing processing expenses and speeding up the time it takes to get paid.


“With warranty claims and repair costs on the rise, dealers need the best software to help them navigate the process and keep more profit in their dealership,” said Doug Smith, Managing Partner MADA. “WarrCloud takes advantage of technology to reduce error and speed up processing time, ensuring dealers not only keep more profit but they get paid faster too. We’re proud to partner with WarrCloud to offer our dealer partners access to this technology.”


About WarrCloud

WarrCloud is the industry leader and the first and only company to automate the manufacturer’s warranty claims process for automotive dealerships. Warranty claims processing costs consume the auto dealer’s profits. The WarrCloud technology platform transforms an auto dealerships manual claims process to an efficient automated process which reduces dealer labor and process cost, increases warranty processing speed, and identifies and realizes new revenue opportunities. WarrCloud customers consistently achieve higher OEM Warranty Claim Scores. With over five hundred sold dealership customers, WarrCloud has been recognized as a Finalist in the Automotive News PACEPilot program which recognizes technology innovations, as well as the Navicon Cup award in 2022 and the Fixed Ops Roundtable Best Practice award in 2021. WarrCloud is headquartered in St. Louis, MO. Learn more at www.warrcloud.com.


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